by Belinda Bray
Director of Wellbeing

Building a strong family foundation doesn’t just happen, it is something that is developed over time with intention and hard work.

David Wilcox is our Director of Middle Years. He is passionate about engaging students in learning and being their best selves. David has been at Highlands for over 20 years.

David has four children; they have all finished school and they are all out finding their way in the big wide world. Two of David’s children are teachers, one is a nurse and one is studying youth work. David is also a very new grandpa…. Everyone say ‘Awwwww….’

We asked David about some of the things the Wilcox family like to do together as a family? David said that he and his family like to do things that identify them as a family, such as building common memories, eating together and sharing family stories.

The Wilcox family have built a strong foundation of respect, love and inclusiveness. As well as travelling together to build them as a family, the Wilcox family also love to spend lots of time together. They have also included another family member through fostering.

Three things to help build a strong foundation for your family:

  1. Shared Faith – sharing heart connection is a really good way to build a strong family foundation. Even as simply as sharing the experience of going to church together or having discussions about heart matters around the dinner table.
  2. Be Present – there is no such thing as too much time given to children. Be involved in your children’s lives and let them be involved in yours.
  3. Celebrate Each Other – take time to celebrate the good things that are going on for each family member. You could celebrate report cards and other achievements by going out for dinner. Celebrate even the smallest thing or you could just make a fun family dinner an occasion for no real reason.